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Why You Should Embed Facebook Review Widget On Your Website

Positive reviews on your brand’s facebook page create trust in your brand and give credibility to your business. Everyone has a Facebook presence, from your next door neighbor to the President of America. This social media platform is now the first online point of contact between your online customers and your company. 

As per a report, 80 percent of customers are more likely to buy from local businesses with positive feedback on their Facebook page. With an average of 1.28 billion daily active users and 1.92 billion monthly active users, you are losing out on access to the fastest growing audience in the world by not marketing your brand and products on Facebook.

No worries. It is much simpler to tap into this network than you think. This blog discusses how embedding Facebook reviews can benefit your business website and how to easily embed these reviews using an excellent free social media aggregator tool – Tagembed.

What are Facebook Reviews ?

There are several ways that future leaders and established customers can interact with your company, but your presence on Facebook greatly influences how they view you online. Facebook Reviews is a star system where your clients can rate and leave a comment on your service or product. Users may comment on each other’s reviews and freely discuss your brand activities. These facebook reviews can be embedded on your business website and accessed by anyone who visits it. 

Customers may also sign in at your physical address and, when they do so, will be asked to leave a review. That means it is not just your online activity that affects what appears on your web platform. This is the time to set up a business page on Facebook, if you don’t have one. But, that is just a part of the equation. Simply having a Facebook presence is not the same as yielding results from it. 

How are Facebook reviews beneficial for your brand website?

Facebook reviews are the excellent marketing strategy that helps in giving credibility to the brand. Just think about the benefits for your business that the happy and satisfied customers will bring. With the help of existing customer base, there is a chance to begin marketing to new clients. 

The advantage of getting the option of accepting direct reviews from your customers is a new chapter in the development for direct communication, which otherwise isn’t possible. And, certainly, this is one of the company’s most powerful distribution networks. If you want to professionally manage and embed your Facebook reviews on your brand website, you should check out Tagembed, a completely featured solution for your Facebook reviews.

The main advantages that embedding Facebook feedback will bring to your website are given below :

  • Enhance your organic reach.
  • Augments credibility and authenticity.
  • Promotes constructive and direct support to the customers.
  • Get a top spot in technical services on Facebook.
  • Gain immediate loyalty and trust.
  • Build a strong relationship with your customers.
  • Helps improve your quality of services and products.
  • Creates transparency between your brand and the clients.
  • Builds an interactive platform.

Steps To Embed Facebook Review Widget On Your Website Using Tagembed

Displaying curated reviews on your website using Tagembed involves two major steps : Creating a widget and embedding it on your website.

Let us have a look at the detailed steps mentioned below.

I. Create a Facebook review widget

  1. Signup to the Tagembed account or login to the existing one. 
  1. Click on Create Widget.
  1. Rename the widget and click on Create.
  1. Select Facebook as the source of fetching the reviews.
  1. A popup appears. Choose the Page Reviews option and enter the Facebook page URL.
  1. Click on Continue with Facebook.
  1. Provide necessary login credentials to give access to your facebook account. 

II.    Embed the review widget on your website

  1. Click on Embed Widget.
  1. Select one of the website building platforms.
  1. Set the widget dimensions as per your website design.
  1. Copy the code and paste it in the backend.

Your website will soon begin displaying the fresh reviews from your facebook page. It is a simple coding free method of showcasing a good mix of positive and negative customer feedback. It doesn’t require expertise and integrates the reviews within minutes. It also offers the feature of content moderation that lets you restrict the negative trolls from showing up on your website as it can even affect your brand’s reputation.

Wrapping Up

Your customers are specifically expressing what they like about your business, what to do and may be what to change. To continuously improve your business, be sure to use these feedback. In addition, potential leads will have more trust in your brand if they can see how well you treat those who have already purchased your product or service. Valued clients are most likely to repeat their purchases in future. All in all, treat your reviews as if the entire world is observing you, because actually it is.


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