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How To Embed Instagram Feed On Website

If you know the potential of social media marketing, you may already know that Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, etc., are major platforms to promote your business. 

These social media platforms help increase the connectivity and communication between your customers. Brands can build a personal relationship with their customers and allow their customers to interact with them.

However, your website visitors are not well acquainted with your brand’s social media presence or know that you have a social media profile.

So what if you add your social media account to your website? 

As Instagram is a popular social media platform, it will create a huge impact on your website visitors. You can embed Instagram feed on your website, and it will easily attract your users and increase engagement on your website. 

More on later, let’s begin with learning ways to embed Instagram feed on your website. 

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How To Embed Instagram Feed On A Website?

With the advancement in technology, several tools are developed and easily available on the internet to smoothly embed Instagram gallery feeds on your website. 

Though you can manually insert Instagram feeds on your website, either way, take a screenshot or copy embed code on Instagram posts. But it will consume lots of time and require you to make lots of efforts as only a single post is inserted at a time. 

Hence, social media feeds embedding tools are the best way to collect social media feeds from multiple platforms and insert them onto a website. 

With these tools, you can curate Instagram feeds easily and apply them on your website, even multiple Instagram posts with one click. 

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Tools To Embed Instagram Feed On Website


Tagembed is a free social media aggregator tool that helps you fetch Instagram feeds using hashtags, handles, mentions, or tags. 

Tagembed offers various features and functionalities that help in the effortless curation and customization of Instagram Feed. 

Without any need for code or technical expertise, you can create and customize feeds with various themes, layouts, designs, sizes into Instagram Widget to embed on your website. 

Not only this, Tagembed is integrated with several other social media platforms, which means you can collect and curate social media feeds easily from multiple platforms. 


EmbedSocial offers various tools to brands and marketers to solve their marketing problems and enhance social media marketing campaigns. 

EmbedSocial is associated with several social media platforms, in which major channels are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

From social media posts to reviews or other social media content, with EmbedSocial, you can collect varied content from multiple social media channels. 

The embedded, a social media embedding tool by EmbedSocial, helps you fetch Instagram posts with hashtags, profiles, etc. 

You will get features to customize these Instagram posts after collection and then easily embed them on your website that goes with your website design.   


It is another social media aggregation platform that offers a free Instagram Widget to collect and embed Instagram galleries on any website. 

In a similar way to Tagemebed, you can collect Instagram photos and videos from different Instagram profiles and create embed code to implement on your website creatively. 

With the help of this tool, you can customize your Instagram Widget in the way you want and integrate it on a web page without the need for coding. 

You will get embedding options like slideshow, grid, or in a photo, map theme to display collected photos in a design on your website. 

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Why Embed Instagram Feeds On Your Website

Data shows that billions of people around the globe, which comprise half of the world’s population, are actively using social media platforms. 

When people see your business or website on Social Media platforms, it will boost your website’s authenticity and credibility. 

Here below are pointers that will help you know the major benefits of added Instagram feeds on your website:

  • Boost User-generated content on your website.
  • Increase authenticity, build social proof, and trust among your website visitors. 
  • Leverage unique and engaging content for free. 
  • Display latest marketing trends
  • Help website improve rankings on search engine


As every business has social media presence, it will be a great way to enhance your website content and lay a huge impact on your visitors. 

Embed Instagram feed on WordPress website will add uniqueness and creativity to your website content, meaning improving your website quality. 

Use tools to collect and embed multiple social media feeds effortlessly on your website. You will get free access to features with all these tools. Hence you don’t require any budget to add Instagram feeds on your website.  


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