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Best 3 Ways To Embed Facebook Feed On Website

Rage of social media is rapidly growing among folks, saying this, supporting facts are about half of the global population which is about 3.5 billion people, are actively using social media channels. 

As Facebook is the oldest social media platform, it is the one major reason behind this exponential popularity of social media channels. 

Facebook is not only popular among the people, but it is also a significant platform for brands, businesses, and marketers to promote their products and services. 

Facebook is a social media giant with millions of active users with diverse interests, demographics, countries, likeness, etc. 

Seeing such engagement of people with the Facebook content, marketers are planning to blend Facebook content onto their business or brand website. 

Are you also the one who wants to embed Facebook Feed or Content on the website? 

You are not alone, several marketers want to utilize the potential of Facebook Content on their website? But how? 

Here I’m going to provide you with the different methods to embed Facebook album on a website in an easy and simple way. 

Using these methods to add Facebook Feed to your website, you will be able to embed creative and engaging Facebook Feed in beautiful designs. 

So without further ado, let’s get started with embedding amazing Facebook Feeds on your website on your own. 

3 Different Ways To Embed Facebook Feed On Website

Now with these 3 methods, you will be able to easily collect and add social media feeds to your website in a sophisticated manner. Before these methods and tools, website owners usually do it while taking screenshots and uploading them on their website like images. 

However, with these methods, you will use advanced tools and techniques to successfully add Facebook Feed on any website. 

Check these below given methods and choose any for your website: 

1. Use Social Media Aggregator

You might have or haven’t heard of the social media aggregator, it is an aggregation tool that collects particular feed social media content from social channels in a single click. 

With social media aggregators, you can collect any kind of social media feeds from any social media platform. 

You need to first search for the social media aggregator on the internet and understand different tools to determine which is perfect for your marketing needs. 

Some qualities of social media aggregators are they should be budget-friendly, offer various integration of social media channels, number of feeds, customization, content moderation, layout styles, etc. 

While choosing a social media aggregator, you need to look for all these qualities and features in a Social Media Aggregator, only then finalize on what type of social media aggregation platform is suitable for you. 

It’s enough about social media aggregators, now let’s find how you will use it to embed Facebook Feed on your website. 

You can collect Facebook posts from your Facebook Business Page, Timeline, Albums, mentions, and tags from your friends, fans, & followers. 

Open the feed section of social media aggregators and type in the particular feed you want to collect Facebook posts. 

After this, you need to connect your official Facebook account with the right credentials. Social media aggregators will collect all the relevant Facebook Feeds associated with the Facebook feed.

You are then able to personalize the Facebook Feed using customization features of social media aggregators with themes and layout designs. 

Once you are ready with the design of the Facebook Feed, you can then embed it on your website. Find and select the embed option on the social media aggregator. You will get a code, copy it, and paste it on your website.  

2. Facebook Widget And Plugins

If you don’t want to get into the complexities of using social media aggregators and simply want to put Facebook feeds on your website are easy and simple steps, then Facebook Widget and Plugins are perfect tools for your website needs. 

These are simple tools that you can install from your website backend and install them to create a Facebook Feed Widget on your website. 

Once you activate these plugins you will be able to choose the Facebook album posts you want to be displayed on your website and directly fit them onto your website. 

3. Embedding Facebook-Button

One another way to connect your website audience with your Facebook account is by embedding Facebook Button on your website. 

It will give an easy navigational feature to users to engage with the Facebook content on your website. 

In three ways you can connect Facebook Button on your website with Like Button, Share Button, and Save Button. 

This is the simplest and effective way to connect Facebook feeds and engage your visitors with Facebook content also allowing them to share their feedback through Likes, Share, & Save. 


These are major ways to embed Facebook Feed on your website. You can easily create and add Facebook album on any website. 

Hence, start using these methods to make a highly engaging and powerful website with creative Facebook Feeds. 


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