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Social Media Aggregator 2021: Best Tools to Embed Social Media Feeds on Website

For marketing purposes, online media content plays a gigantic part as it bridges the clients with with the brand. Individuals are dynamic via web-based media stages like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and different stages where individuals like to express themselves. People often use social media to discuss and share their views on news, style, innovation, recent trends and more.

Brands have the option to use this content for their marketing purposes as it engages people more than the content created by the brands. Social media aggregators helps businesses in this cause.

Here the list of some of the best social media aggregator tools that marketers should use for creating effective marketing campaigns in 2021. 

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Best Tools to Embed Social Media Feeds on Website



TagEmbed is the best tool for social media aggregation and it helps you to embed social media feeds on website from 18+ social media platforms including Instagram. You can collect social media feeds from different platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. without any requirement of technical knowledge. 

It provides a simple and easy interface that anyone can use. There are various plans from which you can choose what type of plan is best for your brand. No matter whether you are a small or big brand they have the best plans for everyone to aggregate social media content. If you don’t want to spend money and want to test how it works, then use their basic plan that gives you free feed daily updates on your website. 

You can also customize social media feeds with beautiful layouts, themes, fonts, styles, and colors, this will help in personalizing your social media content and make it more creative.

With TagEmbed you will get a single line embedding code that you can insert in any CMS platform like WordPress, Wix, HTML, or any other without any issues. 

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Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is the best social media aggregator tool as far as I come to know, used by thousands of brands to boost their marketing strategies. 

With Taggbox Widget you can collect, curate, and display UGC on your website, event walls, digital screens, signage, and any other digital platform where your customers interact with you. 

You only need to place hashtags, keywords, mentions, and profile accounts to generate social media feeds and easily embed it to your website. 

You can collect social media feeds from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Yelp, Linkedin, Google, YouTube, etc. and display feeds on your website and anywhere.

Juicer allows their customers to curate images, videos, texts, hashtags, and all other user-generated content from different platforms and make dynamic feeds that connect with the audience. 

As you create the feeds you can directly embed or display them to your website, walls, or any digital screen just using a single line link. 

You will get moderation options where you find beautiful designs, themes, layout, styles, fonts, and colors to make attractive and engaging content. 

This tool comes in the list of best social media aggregator tools which means you can use it for your marketing campaigns and generate effective content. also offers analytics so that you can measure the performance of content and keywords you are using for creating effective UGC. 


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