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Increase social reach of your Social Media account using website

Social media has a lot of potential if used wisely to boost your awareness and engagement on your social media profile. However, it is better if we can multiple the boost using external sources like websites. Today we will be looking at how can we increase social reach of your social media account using website. 

To start with we need a social media aggregator tool like Tagembed that allows you to collect, curate and embed social media feeds on your website. These social media feeds when embedded on website gives visitors a new soothing experience. Hence, they get engaged with the interactive feeds.

It is very simple to embed Social feeds on your website, just follow the simple steps:

Steps to embed social media feeds on website

  1. Create a free Tagembed account.
  2. Choose your social media network from which you’d like to get the feeds and enter the input accordingly.
  3. You can collect social media feeds using different methods such as: Hashtag, Handle, Mentions, Locations, Advanced Query, Pages and more.
  4. After collecting these feeds you can customize them based on your requirement. You can choose from 10+ exclusive themes & layouts, banners, backgrounds, fonts style, card style, dedicated theme settings.
  5. If you got some feeds that you won’t love to showcase then you can use the Moderation Panel and filter out irrelevant content.
  6. Finally, after organizing feeds in a perfect build layout all you gotta do is generate the embed code for your website.
  7. Choose your website platform from the list and copy the generated embed code.
  8. Paste the copied code on the backend of your website and done.
  9. Save the changes made and reload your website webpage where you’d like to embed them.

Your social media feeds are now live on your website.

Benefits of embedding social media feeds

There are multiple benefits of embedding social media feeds on your website such as:

  1. Showcase social proof to your audience
  2. Engage users to stay longer on your website.
  3. Build Trust
  4. Increase social reach
  5. Reduce bounce rate

And many more. 

These were the absolute best social media widgets and advancements for a site that can assist you with further developing your site traffic, client commitment, social media joining, and significantly more. 

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These widgets give the two arrangements, regardless of whether you are simply hoping to empower social sharing just or on the other hand on the off chance that you wish to go past that coordinate social media content to your site alongside sharing. 

In this way, recognize what widget will turn out best for your site’s social media combination and, appropriately, pick the best social media widget from these choices to amplify ROI and site execution.

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The social media upheaval is tied in with sharing helpful and drawing in content progressively and appealingly and advancing it across every one of the social organizations internationally. 

Today, social media gadgets mix with the site assumes a special part in the promoting environment, be it about expanding reach, drawing in clients, or occasion transformations.


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