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How to Add Reviews on Squarespace Website?

About 70 percent of the customers seek reviews before they make a purchase decision. Reviews from the real customers not only make your business trustworthy but it also increases the chances of purchases that generate higher revenue. Reviews make customers know about the authenticity of the brand and give the right view of your product and how much it is helpful for your business. 

In this post, you will come to the effective way to add customer reviews on Squarespace website that turn visitors into customers. 

If you are wondering about the sources from where you can aggregate reviews, there are four major review platforms that can be used to add reviews on Squarespace website. 

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Step 1  – Create A Review Widget 

#1. Start by Signing up for a Free Tagembed account or Login into your Tagembed account  

Signup to Tagembed

#2.(a) After logging in, you will reach the dashboard section of the platform. If you are a new user, your widget will be all set to be processed. All you have to do is click on Open 

Tagembed Dashboard

#2.(b) For existing users, you can create a new widget by clicking on the Create widget option on the top right button of the screen 

Create Review Widget

#3. Next, you need to click on the Add social media feeds option. Choose your preferred review platform like Google, Facebook, Airbnb, or Yelp

Choose Social Media Platform

In the next option, you need to fill in your credentials to aggregate the content 

Once done, you will be able to see all the aggregated content on the widget editor

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Step 2 – Embed The Reviews Widget On Squarespace 

Once you are done with customizing the widget how you want, you will be set to embed the widget on your website

#1. Click on the Embed widget option on the bottom left corner of the widget editor 

Review feeds on Squarespace

#2. A pop-up window will appear showcasing different website-building platforms. You need to select Squarespace 

Choose Squarespace

#3. Additionally, you will be given the option to adjust the width and height of the widget as per your preference. Click on the copy code option and paste the embed code on the clipboard 

Squarespace Code

#4. Log into your Squarespace website and click on the Edit button to embed reviews. 

Login to Squarespace

#5. Click on the “+” Button

Add Reviews on Squarespace

#6. Click on the </> code available on the right side of the screen 

Reviews on Squarespace

#7. Paste the copied embed code 

Embed Code

#8. Click on the Done option on the top right corner 

Kudos! You will have successfully embedded reviews on Squarespace website

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