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9 Important Reasons To Use an Instagram Widget on Your Website

Do you remember spending a single day without being on any social media channel?

I guess, NO. 

In fact, it is hard for all of us to keep our eyes away from such smashing and eye-catching content on social media, especially Instagram.

To leverage this eye-pleasing content of Instagram, online brands and marketers have added this to their marketing strategy. They have utilized the fascinating feed using Instagram  by embedding it on website using Instagram Widget tools like Taggbox, Tagembed, etc.

It is a two-way success strategy; one way it increases the user engagement on website and another side it increases the number of followers on Instagram account.

To know more about its benefits and why you should embed Instagram widget on website, go through this blog.

Benefits Of Using Instagram Widget On Website

1. Improved brand awareness and dignified image

With almost 500 Million daily active users on Instagram, this social media platform serves as an amazing marketing platform for online brands and retailers. 

By integrating Instagram widget on the website, you can let your website visitors explore your Instagram profile without leaving the page. It increases the dwell time of the visitors on your website. 

Also, it makes your products easily accessible, visible, and discoverable. This enhances your brand and its products in the marketing ecosystem

2. Immersive audience with better engagement

With increased dwell time on the website, visitors can explore the brands and their products in an intensive way. The compelling and exciting images of the products trigger the emotions of the visitors and acts as a source of visual communication for the brand. 

This visual content is an amazing way to magnetize the audiences and provoke them to engage with the brand and invest in it. The more immersed the user will be, the better will be the engagement on the website.

By displaying Instagram widget on website, brands can not only enhance the user engagement on the website but also can improve the interactions with them.

3. Unfold marketing layers with enlarged customer reach

Embedding Instagram widget on a website is an exquisite way to sweep swiftly into the layers of the market and reach a large scale audience within no time.

With a huge number of people using Instagram nowadays and getting inspired by the content on Instagram, brands have garnished their website with such enticing content to let people dive into the website. 

This has allowed the brands to expand their customer reach by showcasing them the visually appealing content that can satisfy their desires and needs.

4. Increases the authenticity and reliability of the website

As we know, Instagram is the network of user-generated content which is created by the real and genuine users of the brand. This user-generated content is the most trustworthy and authentic content, as it provides genuine reviews, ratings, and feedback of the product.

When this content is embedded on website, it increases the authenticity of the website and displays the reliability of the brand and its products in an effective way. Also, by displaying UGC brands can add credibility to their products which attract more customers and increase their engagement with the brand.

5. Thought-provoking visual hub

Instagram is full of appealing and attractive content with lively feed and sparkling colours and filters. Embedding this Instagram widget on the website creates an eye-catching and astounding visual hub on the website.

This visual gallery connects with the emotions of the audiences and increases the dwell time of the users on the website. 

This visual hub gives the website a vibrant look which activates the user engagement with the brand and inspires them to invest in the brand.

6. Smooth shopping experience for users

Instagram has introduced a new feature of shopping from the images. It allows the brands to convert the UGC into shoppable content by tagging the products in the images and providing the users with the detailed product descriptions and specifications along with the price of the product. 

By adding shoppability to the products and embedding the shoppable Instagram widget feed on website, brands provide users with an accelerated path of purchaser by letting them shop the look directly from the image without even leaving the page.

7. Increased website vibrancy with customization options

Instagram is the hub of vibrant and appealing content that drives the desires of the customers towards purchase. Using social media aggregator tools, brands can customize this fascinating Instagram feed according to the targeted audience.

These tools can help the brands to personalize the feed with beautiful backgrounds, attractive layouts, eye-catching fonts, colors, and designs. This will make your Instagram widget look more attractive and will enhance the vibrancy of your website.

8. Gives your brand’s campaign a spotlight 

With any extra efforts, brands can use Instagram widget to highlight it’s social media or website campaign to a large scale audience by embedding Instagram widget on website.

With aggregator tools, brands can curate their campaign content and aggregate it on websites to enhance the exposure and awareness about the campaign.

Brands can also curate posts related to product launch, announcements, giveaways, etc. to deliver the motives of the campaign to large audiences.

9. Enhanced conversion rates and sales

All these above benefits lead towards a common point of interest i.e. accelerated sales and revenue.

When brands embed their Instagram feed on website, they tend to mesmerise the users with the customized and personalized feed enriched with authentic and attractive content. This way they magnetize the visitors of the website towards their products and drive more conversions by turning the potential customers into real customers.

Therefore, it helps the brands to build a strong relationship with their customers and boost their sales and growth.


With the rising popularity of Instagram, many brands have started using this platform to expand their market reach and grow exponentially in their niche.

Embedding Instagram feeds on websites offers many opportunities to the brands and opens the gate for many potential customers. By displaying user-generated content you can easily build a trustworthy bond with your customers and grow your business at a good pace.

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