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Facebook Reviews: Increase Your Business Gradually

What does a rational customer do before making any purchase? – They check reviews. That is not a false claim, as 95% of people agreed to read reviews before making a purchase decision (source: G2). While 93% of customers read reviews of local businesses to determine their quality (source: BrightLocal).

Therefore reviews are important. Many platforms offer the facility to their users to post reviews regarding any product or brand. But often, these platforms lack users or aren’t trustworthy. Another disadvantage of these review platforms is that people often post one or two-word reviews, which does not solve the purpose and provides no help to the reader.

And this is where Facebook reviews jump in. Firstly, Facebook has over 1.73 million daily users, which means there will be no shortage of users/reviews. And secondly, with the latest update, Facebook users now can choose from the option ‘recommend’ or ‘not recommend.’ So even if users aren’t writing in detailed reviews and choose either of the options, it gives readers a better view, which can help them make their purchase decision.

These recommendation options create a great impact as many people try new things based on friend’s suggestions (Source: Forbes). And that is the reason why businesses need Facebook reviews for their brand. They are so highly dependent on these reviews that many marketers embed Facebook reviews on websites.

If you still aren’t convinced, then here are some amazing benefits of Facebook reviews and how they can increase their business.

1. Builds Credibility

Businesses need to build trust to win new customers, and one of the primary ways to do so is by showcasing the reviews and feedback from the previous customers. Facebook’s business page provides a common platform/ground where people can exchange their opinions.

And as there will be more reviews and feedback, it will build a reputation and credibility for your business. So, as you build credibility for business, your chances to attain more customers increases. And that is how it creates a big impact.

2. Provides Credibility for Your Website

Facebook also provides a facility where you can embed Facebook Review Widget on your website. You just have to copy the embedding link of the selected review and paste it into the backend of your website. But then you have to copy each review one by one, and you cannot customize them to match it with your website’s style. Hence, we recommend you to use tools like social media aggregators that can ease your embedding process and provide various other features that add great relevance to this strategy.

There might be a case where people won’t be aware of the existence of your Facebook page or don’t have a Facebook account. This strategy then helps you in building credibility for your website and business in front of them.

Moreover, it increases your brand reputation as it appears that your brand considers customer feedback and appears transparent in front of visitors. Also, another hidden advantage of this strategy is that it builds a strong relationship with customers. A customer feels respected when a brand displays the reviews on their website and eventually helps you build a strong reputation.

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3. Builds a Review Cycle

People tend to follow the trend or copy what other people are doing on the social network. A similar principle is implied here when people read reviews posted by other users. Therefore, it encourages them to post reviews. And as there will be more reviews, you will be able to establish credibility for your brand, and eventually, it can help you reach your desired goal.

4. Helps in Conversion

As mentioned above, a potential customer always looks for reviews before making a purchase decision. And therefore, when you will be able to gather more reviews and showcase them on your Facebook page or website, it will help you convert that potential customer into your customer.

Also, if you are adapting the embedding strategy, then Facebook reviews can help you to hold viewers to your website. There can be a case where visitors look for the reviews and often explore other review websites with multiple similar products and end up buying any product based on the reviews. It is where embedded Facebook reviews come to the rescue. Visitors will get to know about the product and its review all at one place and hence it gives you a great chance to convert your visitor into your customer.

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5. Builds a Strong Customer-Brand Relationship

You also have the option to comment or like the reviews posted by your customers. Hence by reverting to their reviews or engaging with them helps you in building a customer-brand relationship. It eventually enhances your brand reputation and also converts your customer into a loyal customer. Furthermore, customers feel respected when a brand replies to their reviews or responds to their comments, it shows that you care for your customers and value their feedback.

6. Helps You to Know Your Brand/Product Reputation

Your customers are the best judge for your products, and as they post the review or express their opinions about your brand or your product, you get to know the reputation and reception of your product. It also helps you know the strong and weak aspects and eventually helps you improve if there is any flaw.

7. Increases Brand Recognition

Whenever a user posts anything about your business or product on your business page, the Facebook circle of that user gets to know about it as it shows them on their respective feeds. Hence, it eventually increases brand recognition and therefore boosts the reach of your business/business page.

Summing It Up

We have enough data to prove that people read reviews before making any purchase. So, on the one hand, it helps potential customers in their buying decision, and at the same time, it helps businesses to public opinion about their products or business. While embedding Facebook reviews on the website adds more advantages and helps them to enhance the brand reputation and convert their potential customers into customers.

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