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How to use Tumblr for marketing your business in 2022

You might have heard about Tumblr. It is one of the fastest-growing social media websites, with over 327 million unique visitors (Source: Statistica). While individuals use it to express themselves using various mediums, at the same time, businesses use it to promote their brand and market their products or services.
According to recent research, the average visit duration of Tumblr is 10 mins and 25 secs (Source: Techjury), so if that is the time frame you have to promote your business or products, you need to have some amazing tips to utilize the platform. Therefore for your convenience, we have listed some of the best Tumblr marketing tips that you can use.
So without any further ado, let’s dive into it.

Tumblr marketing tips

1. Optimize your Tumblr Profile

Businesses have started using Tumblr for marketing, but unfortunately, many brands create their accounts and wish for the best. But merely creating the account is not enough. It would help if you optimized it to create individuality for your website and increase brand awareness.
You can use your brand’s logo on your website, add a watermark on your content, and provide a brief description of your brand using the keywords in your bio.
While writing the bio, don’t forget to mention your website’s web link and create an integration between your website and your Tumblr account. Also, mention how your product can bring a change in the customers’ life. These details not only help you in Tumblr marketing but also helps you in attaining more sales.

For example – Mashable has done an amazing job in their profile. They have provided a website link in their bio, hence providing credibility to the profile. And while writing their bio, they have mentioned their work simply and shortly. So it not only catches the attention, but viewers can easily read without spending much of their time.

2. Business content on Tumblr

This tip is for any social media platform. No matter where you post, always keep in mind that content is the king. So while you are using Tumblr for your marketing purpose, make sure you post original content. Unfortunately, many businesses often follow the approach where they repost or reblog popular content. Of course, one can take ideas from different content creators, but blatantly copying the content can hamper the brand’s reputation.
Creative feeds always attract users’ attention, and with such easy usage of the internet a creative and unique content is likely to get more views, and there can be a chance it can get viral. So it can eventually increase your brand recognition and boost your reach.

3. Cross-platform marketing

One can not stick to one platform to one platform to promote their content. Although Tumblr has a huge user base, there can be chances that people who are following you on different social media accounts aren’t aware of your Tumblr presence. So by sharing your content on different platforms, you can strengthen your Tumblr following list.
You can copy the link of your post and paste it on different social media accounts to create a link between your Tumblr profile and social media profiles. Also, it can provide a huge number of views on your posts.

Moreover, as people often consider a brand’s social media strength to determine its reputation, you need to adopt any strategy to increase your social media followings. Tumblr provides you with the facility to produce high-quality content. Using the same content on different platforms, in simple words, marketing the content on different platforms can help you capture more audience. And as people will be able to get some introduction to your content from different platforms, they also have the option to follow you there. So make great use of your creativity and facility to capture more audience.

4. Embed Tumblr posts on websites

Consider this as an extension to the cross-platform promotion; you can even share your Tumblr post on your websites to make an integration between your Tumblr profile and your website. You can copy the embedding and paste it on the backend of your website to embed Tumblr Feeds on website. But we suggest you use Social media aggregators that help you collect Tumblr posts from your handle and display them on your website without any hassle.
These tools provide great assistance in embedding the Tumblr feed on Shopify, WordPress, Bigcommerce, Weebly, Wix and many more website CMS. And can play a crucial role in your Tumblr marketing for your business. Visitors who aren’t aware of your Tumblr presence will also have the option to follow you on the platform, increasing your following list. People often consider social media strength to determine the reputation of the brand.
Also, the vibrant and lively posts from Tumblr can add charm to your website and make it pleasing to visitors’ eyes. You can even use this strategy to showcase posts related to your brands that the users upload. This content often works as social proof and thus helps you in winning the trust of your visitors. Also, social proof can help potential customers in their purchasing decisions and eventually help you attain more sales.

5. Interact with other users

Interaction is the key element to flourish on any social media platform. Users feel respected when a brand responds to their chats or comments. Also, the interaction keeps the followers engaged and brings to light that you are a brand that reverts to the customers and followers, which eventually helps gather brand recognition and reputation.
The interaction consists of – following their blog, reposting their blogs (if it is related to your business). For example, Coca-Cola reblogs the picture of their user who uses their product in their photos. It provides a great boost to the UGC, encourages other users to post and at the same time makes a cool addition to their blogs.

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To Conclude

Social media platforms are like a boon to businesses, as they provide a large audience and freedom to express themselves. And with platforms like Tumblr, brands can market their product better and build a customer and brand relationship. Embedding Tumblr posts on the website provide various benefits as it enhances the website’s visuals and helps gain brand recognition.

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