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Steps to Embed RSS Feed on Wix Website

Do you want to embed RSS feed on Wix website then follow the below mentioned steps to add Wix RSS Feed on your website using RSS Widget powered by Tagembed.

Step 1

Create your Free account or login to your existing account.

Embed RSS Feed on Wix websites

Step 2

In the dashboard you’ll see a widget, click on Open button.

Display RSS Feed in HTML

Step 3

A list of social networks will appear, select RSS from the list.

Display RSS Feed on website

Step 4

Enter the input accordingly and click Create Feed button

Display RSS Feed on website

Step 5

Your RSS Feed Widget will be created and all of the RSS feeds will be collected in the widget.

Now click on the Embed Widget button.

Embed RSS Feed on website

Step 6

A choose your platform named pop-up will appear, from the list choose your website CMS and proceed:

Wix RSS Feed, Squarespace RSS Feed, Display RSS Feed in HTML etc

Step 7

Set height & width of the widget and click on the copy code button to copy the RSS Feed embed code.

Now Login to your website admin panel and paste the embed code in your desired webpage. Save the changes made.

Hence, RSS Feed will be embedded on your website and will be visible to all of your visitors.

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