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Best Facebook Widget for Squarespace Website

Since its launch, Facebook has been the most talked-about social media platform, and with growing numbers and huge user base, Facebook has emerged as the king of social media platforms. And with more competition in the markets, marketers are always looking to include Facebook as part of their social media marketing strategy and make the best use of this social media giant.

Facebook gets its fair share of attention from marketers and businesses. According to a survey conducted in the US, 86% of the US marketers are using Facebook for advertising. Marketers all around the world are always looking for new ways to utilize social media for their businesses. One amazing tool that has surfaced in the market is Facebook Widget. 

With the help of Facebook Widget, you can showcase your Facebook feeds related to your business as one unified presentation on your website. 

In this blog, we will be discussing the benefits of using Facebook Feed on your Squarespace website and what features you can enjoy while using this tool.

Amazing benefits of using Facebook widget for website

These were some highlighted benefits of using Squarespace Facebook Widget on your website. Let us look at some of the features that this tool provides you.

1. Saves your time and money

Imagine the man-hour and time it takes to find the relevant post or review of your product and business that is qualified to be presented on your website. Using the Facebook feed widget tool, you can save time and money. These tools aggregates, curate, and showcases the posts related to your business and present them in a presentable manner.

2. Brings Vibrancy To Your Website

The Facebook feed on your website adds beauty to your website and makes your website vibrant and catchy for the visitors. It pleases the eyes and looks alluring.

3. Makes Your Website More Interactive

Facebook Widgets provide a great benefit to your website by making it more interactive. A user tends to spend less time on flat, boring, and old-style websites where there are only texts and no other presentations. 

4. Increase Website Traffic

When a user finds a website with interesting content and an interactive interface, he tends to explore more about the business and gets curious about the products or services. It increases the website traffic and decreases the website’s bounce rate, which eventually benefits the brand, enchasing brand awareness.

5. Provides Social Proof

A rational customer always looks for proof and reads reviews or gathers information about the product before buying it. In this social media era, where everything is online, the customer would like to have some social proof of the product and read the reviews of the businesses. Facebook Widget fulfills that requirement as it fetches the feeds and reviews related to the business from Facebook and displays them on the website.

Steps to Embed Facebook Widget on Squarespace Website

We can divide steps in 3 steps

1. Create Facebook Feed

  • #1. Login to Tagembed, and if you are a new user, then Sign up.
  • #2. Click on the Create Widget button on the right corner of the screen.
  • #3. Create Widget dialog box will appear on your screen, give an appropriate name to your feed and then click on Create Widget button.
  • #4. From Pick a source window, select Facebook.
  • #5. Create Facebook Feed dialog box will appear in front of your screen with four options:
  • Page: Enter your Facebook page URL here.
  • My Profile Post: It collects the feeds directly from your Facebook account.
  • Album: Enter your Facebook Album’s URL
  • Page Reviews: It will fetch reviews from the URL.
  • #6. Click on Continue with Facebook button, provide your Facebook credentials.

2. Generate code for Facebook Feed 

  • #1. Click on the Embed Widget button on the left bottom side of your screen.
  • #2. Choose Squarespace as your platform.
  • #3. Squarespace dialog box will appear on your screen, you can adjust the width and height of your widget. Click on the Get Code button to get the code.
  • #4. Copy the given code.

3. Embed Facebook Widget on Squarespace

  • #1. Log in to your Sqaurespace backend.
  • #2. Click on Edit.
  • #3. Click on +Add/Edit Block, click on </>Code from the pop-up.
  • #4. Paste the code and click on Apply.
  • #5. It will show script disabled, it is to avoid script related issues.
  • #5. Save the page by clicking on Done.

Must-have features of Squarespace Facebook feed widget

1. Coding-Free

Squarespace Facebook Widget is coding free tool; you don’t need any coding experience or coding knowledge to embed it on your website. Social media aggregator tools will generate the code; you just have to copy the code and paste it on the backend of your website.

2. Compatibility

The widget is compatible with all the devices. You require no further coding or editing to make it compatible with mobile, laptops, tablets, or PC. 

3. Options to Customize

You can even explore your artistic side by using different templates, fonts, colors, and backgrounds for your widgets and giving a new look to your website.

4. Filter the Content

You can always keep an eye on the content displayed on your website and filter out the unwanted and inappropriate content from your website. The widget provides you with the option to choose which feed will display on the website and what content you decide to hide.


Now you have been through the tools, benefits and features of the Facebook widget that you can use on the Squarespace website. Squarespace is an amazing and most used CMS for techno-friendly users and to improve the visibility and traffic on your website. There is no reason left behind of using a Facebook feed widget.


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