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Embed Instagram Feed on Squarespace Website

Instagram was initially introduced as a photo-sharing app, but it is now witnessing astonishing growth and now stands as one of the most popular social media platforms. It has now achieved millions of users worldwide, and the craze of the platform is huge amongst millennials and GenZ.

While individuals view Instagram as an extraordinary medium to put themselves out there and spread their message, businesses use view at this online media goliath as a chance to capture more crowds and as a stage to showcase their products and services.

To extract further benefits from the platform, we recommend you utilize social media aggregators to embed Instagram feed on Squarespace website. Furthermore, as we talk about social media aggregators, Tagembed merits a unique notice. It is known for its basic inserting steps and spending plan amicable costs. It simply includes 2 straightforward advances, and you can undoubtedly insert photographs from Instagram on any site.

Here are some simple steps to embed Instagram feed on Squarespace website.

Steps to Embed Instagram Feed on Squarespace Website

#1 Sign up to Tagembed for your free account or if you are an old user, log in to your account.


#2 If you are a new user, your Widget will be ready and appear on your screen, just click on Open to proceed.

Edit Widget


#3 If you already have an account and are looking to create a new widget, click on the Create Widget button that appears on the top right corner of your screen. Next, provide the desired name to your widget and click on the Create Widget button on the pop-up dialog box.

Create Widget

#4 Pick a source window that will appear on your screen, which will have 15+ social media platform options. Click on Instagram Business from the given options.

Choose Instagram

#5 Here you have 4 options that you can choose from to collect posts from Instagram. These options are – Hashtag, Handle, Mentions, Tagged. Next, click on Create Widget button and provide the needed credentials.

Create Feeds

You can also modify the feed according to your need. Simply click on the Personalize option, you can change the text dimension, textual style, foundation, and more to coordinate with the feed according to your site’s style.

#6 Click on the Embed Widget button that appears on the bottom left corner of your screen.

Embed Instagram Feeds

#7 Choose Squarespace from various CMS options.

Choose Platform

#8 Copy the embedding code (Here, you can adjust the height and width of the widget as well).

Embed Code

#9 Paste the embedding code at the backend of your website.

And that is it, with just a few easy steps, your website will be displaying Instagram feed on Squarespace website.


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