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Embed Instagram Feed On Website – Try The 5 Best Tools

Do you want to use user-generated content on your website? Are you looking for how to use Instagram Feed on your website? Don’t worry, here you come to know how you can embed Instagram Feed on website to engage your customers and generate more leads. 

But why should you embed Instagram Feed on website or ecommerce platforms? What are the benefits of using Instagram Feed on your website?

You can embed instagram Feed on website using tools that help in generating relevant Instagram Feed that are related to your brand. 

Embed Instagram feed on your website that will help in generating UGC and easily display it on your website. 

These posts help in increasing engagement, bring more leads, and encourage your visitors to buy products or services from your brand. 

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5 Best Tools To Embed Instagram Feed on Website

Using these tools you can harness the potential of Instagram Feed. In order to grow in this highly competitive era, you have to adopt the latest marketing trends to stay up-to-date as well as ahead of your competitors. 

User-generated content is the growing marketing strategy that even big brands are using in their marketing campaign and display UGC on their website. Instagram is the platform where people share UGC in the form of posts, images, videos, and any other form. 

With the use of these tools you can collect, curate, and display on your website and keep your brand ahead in the competition. 


Tagembed is a social media aggregator that again helps in generating user-generating content from different platforms. With an easy interface, you can fetch content from different social media platforms Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

No need for any technical expertise, you can easily discover the user-generated content that will help your brand stand ahead of the competition. There are various themes, styles, colors, fonts, and layouts that you can use to make your social media feeds personalize. 

There are various plans available that you can use according to your business needs. You will get a single line code and put it in any CMS such as HTML, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and any other. 

You can use TagEmbed to generate relevant user-generated content on your website and promote your brand among new visitors by sharing social media posts. 

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox is the best social media aggregator among various other tools available in the market. It is a user-friendly tool that emerged as a revolutionary tool in the user-generated content world and helping thousands of brands in curating social media feeds from different social media platforms. 

Taggbox allows brands to embed Instagram Feed on website in the easiest and simplest way, with no need of technical expertise. You have to place a single line code and your website is ready with user-generated content without any effort. 

Taggbox is compatible with different CMS platforms like HTML, WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Weebly, Squarespace, and many others. It is the tool that helps in generating the most relevant Instagram posts that you can use to represent on your website.

You just have to use the right hashtags and mentions and you will get all the relevant instagram feeds. 

With Taggbox you can also customize your Instagram Feed with beautiful themes, layouts, styles, colors, etc. that make your user-generated content more attractive and engaging. 


Miappi is a tool that helps you in generating Instagram posts and embed it on your website. 

This tool gives you a platform to collect, curate, and embed instagram Feed on website in the most effective way. 

Not only Instagram, but you can fetch social media feeds from different groups like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and social media platforms. 

Miappi also provides you an option for customizing the instagram feed by using attractive themes, layouts, fonts, colors, and many different things that make your content highly engaging for your customers.

Another tool that you can use to embed Instagram Feed on website and turn your website visitors into leads is

This offers APIs, libraries, and a suite of features that you can use to embed Instagram Feed on website. is easy to use and has an easy interface that anyone can use to generate UGC for their marketing purposes.   

If you are looking for a user-generated tool that is super easy to use, then is for you.

Instagram Official

If you don’t want to use tools then Instagram official is for you. Put hashtags, mentions or keywords in the instagram search bar and find the use of the most relevant post for your brand. 

Instagram provides functionality to directly embed Instagram Feed on website. 

Instagram also has the latest updates by which you can embed the multiple posts to your website. One of the greatest benefits of instagram officials is that you don’t need to be technically expert to embed Instagram Feed on website. 

Instagram provides easy instructions that you have to follow and Instagram posts and puts the code into your website. 

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