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Social Media Aggregator: Complete Guide for 2021

The Social Media revolution is often considered one of the biggest shifts since the Industrial Revolution. Even businesses and brands have started to include social media interactions and social media marketing as part of their business strategy. 

Irrespective of the size every business has a heavy dependence on social media platforms to promote their services or products. Considering the current competitive scenario, businesses are now looking to boom their social media presence. 

There are ample strategies that are made by marketers to help a business grow through social media marketing. One such strategy is the use of social media aggregator tools.

Social media aggregation tools are becoming increasingly popular among marketers and are playing a crucial role in a successful marketing plan.  

Here we are providing a basic guide on this tool and why you should use it.

Starting from the basics – What is a social media aggregator tool?

To know about the social media aggregation tools, we need to understand social media aggregation.

Keeping it short and simple, social media aggregations collect all data from different social media platforms and convert them into one unified presentation.

This task is often performed by social media aggregator tools; adding to that, these tools also help businesses restructure, curate, customize, and then showcase it on their websites through a single feed.

Why do you need an Aggregator tool?

Aggregator tools have often helped businesses to boost their website traffic, and here we will be mentioning five benefits that a social aggregator tool provides.

Curates your content and makes users feel special

Social media can be credited for new and innovative marketing strategies. And one such strategy is hashtags. Hashtags in recent years have taken marketing to new levels and have also helped many brands in big marketing campaigns specially in Instagram and Twitter. Social aggregator helps to curate and embed Instagram feed & twitter feed on website.

These hashtags also motivate users and followers to make unique content for a particular brand on many social media platforms. The social media aggregator tool curates the content across the social media network into a single feed and then embeds it.

Followers and users also feel special about being mentioned or featured on the brand’s website. This in a way, also enhances some traffic on the website.

Audience Engagement

One of the big problems a brand faces on social media is keeping up with its audiences. Social media aggregator solves this issue as it keeps audiences engaged by embedding social media walls in real-time. 

Customers feel fascinated with such interaction with business, and this leads to a strong Brand-and-user relationship.

Provides a social proof

According to a study, 92% of the customer consults a product review before making any purchase. 

And as of today, more than 50% of customers write their reviews of a product on a social media network. At the same time, nearly 89% of consumers worldwide make an effort to read about the online review before buying any particular product.

The feeds and reviews provided by users are showcased on a business website by aggregator tools. And these real-time reviews can convert your potential customer into a loyal one. A social media proof easily boosts your businesses’ sales and marketing efforts.

Saves time and cost for your business 

Imagine the amount and time required to manually search and embed the social media content from all networks and convert it to a single feed. 

Adding it to the cost of labor-resource indulged in curating the content which will be suitable to showcase.

The social media aggregator tool with its automated feature solves this issue and stands out as in cost-effective and time-saving tool. 

Makes your website presentable

A website can create a huge impression on a customers’ mind. In other words, a user tends to spend more time on a presentable website.

And what else can be more impressive than sharing a regular feed of your products’ insight by the customer from different social media platforms? 

Aggregator tools make a website tidy and interactive through its regular feed updates. A business can create a huge impact on a potential customer by showcasing the products’ digital footprint. This can easily attract a customer’s attention and spark interest in the product or services provided.

Ending note:

Hopefully, this brief summarized guide helped you to get some idea about the Social Media Aggregator tools. Benefits are immense of these tools, and the market is providing these benefits with ease. Tagembed has surfaced as one of the best tools, and with the use, you can generate some great traffic for your business.


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