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2021 — Best Facebook Review Plugin For WordPress

No doubt Facebook customer Reviews are great to display on the website, but how will you easily embed them on your WordPress website? It’s not a tricky question to answer, you can do so by finding the right kind of Facebook Review Plugin.

Facebook review widget plugin

However, if your website is built over a WordPress platform, it would be much more effective and easier for you to embed these Facebook customer reviews if you choose Facebook Review Widget plugin that is specially designed for WordPress Website.

There are several WordPress Facebook Review plugins available on the internet, but it is an overwhelming task to choose one when several options are available.

For you to solve your problem, WordPress Plugin can be a perfect choice to add reviews of Facebook on your WordPress website.

In this article, we will guide you about the best Facebook Review plugin for WordPress to creatively and innovatively display Fb Reviews on your WordPress website.

Why Embed Facebook Reviews On WordPress Website

Facebook customer reviews play a critical role in enhancing your marketing and developing trust with your audience.

In this era of digitalization, every business has its website and Facebook page to promote its products and services to its potential audience.

However, earning customer trust is the major issue that almost every business is struggling with.

So to stay ahead in this competitive edge and build strong relationships with your customers, Facebook customer reviews are perfect for your business.

But how will you tell your customers about Fb customer Reviews who are visiting your website? You can do so with Facebook Reviews Widget WordPress Plugin.

Tagembed — The Best WordPress Facebook Review Plugin

Tagmebed provides you with easy and simple solutions for embedding Facebook Reviews on your WordPress website.

Tagembed WordPress plugin

Tagembed Plugin gets your job done in a simple, code-free, and less technicality manner.

With Tagembed Facebook Review plugin for WordPress, you can collect reviews from your business Facebook Page on the website backend.

Another benefit of using Tagembed Facebook Review Plugin for WordPress is that it provides you with various features and functionalities to design FB Reviews Widget into beautiful layout designs and styles.

With the Personalization feature, you can add different themes to reviews of Facebook customers in the way you want to display them on your website.

And other Personalization features include customization of the Facebook Review widget by changing font style, size of the widget, add the banner and customize the background that displays along with reviews of Facebook to make your entire Facebook Review Widget look like an attractive and creative piece of content on your WordPress website.

Not only this, you will get the option to moderate the reviews of Facebook customers, through which you can manage and control reviews you want to show on the website.

Once you are done with your Facebook Widget, you are ready to embed these feeds on your website.

Collect the embed code from the plugin and open the web page where you want to embed the Facebook Review on the website.

There select the block and choose Tagembed, place the code inside the box and enter the button.

This is how you can easily create and display Facebook customer Reviews on your website in an efficient and effective way.


So here not our journey stops, it’s way too long. Displaying reviews of Facebook pages on your website can change the way your audience interacts with your website.

It will add more genuine and authentic content to your website which is your audience looking about your brand or business.

These FB reviews can solve your audience problem of trusting any brand or not and help them get the real customer reviews on your website.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with your Facebook Review WordPress plugin on your WP website.


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